Cyber security in focus: Integrator

Cyber security in focus: Integrator

The INTEGRATOR conference once again proved its expediency, topicality and informative character.

It was a gathering of more than twenty IT cyber security experts from the Region and the world, with 4 different hybrid panels, presenting and discussing the latest trends and practices in this area in front of a full hall, with full interest from the audience.

INTEGRATOR provided a different angle of view on the current situation in the Region when it comes to cyber attacks, it brought together three key factors of defense: state, academic and private business community resources. Only in this way is it possible to develop an appropriate defense ecosystem, which can not only be set up and left as it is, but also constantly checked, improved and developed.

The greatest interest of the audience was caused by the concept of MSSP or the provision of cyber security data protection services to users, which Sky Express provides in the Region, transferring the responsibility of data protection from companies and organizations to our defense systems. Sky Express partners, VMware, Logpoint, Airlock, Onapsis also participated.

The Integrator conference was organized by the companies Sky Express and Sky Express Montenegro, as regional leaders in the field of cyber security.

We would especially like to mention that the conference took place within the framework of a great ICT event, ICT Week Podgorica, initiated and organized by the City of Podgorica and the great association of Montenegrin ICT companies, ICT Cortex.

ICT Week has established itself as a unique seven-day event in the region, and we at Sky Express are very pleased to have accepted to support the event.

We thank all guests and participants live and online for their response.

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