Web application protection


The development of new technologies improves the performance of applications, but also increases the number
of security vulnerabilities.
Research shows that 75 of cyber attacks are targeted by web applications.
How to adequately protect
web applications
so that they are available
to your customers 24/7?
Introducing the Sky WAF service.
Sky WAF safely and reliably
protects your web applications
and services from various types
and sources of attacks.
Sky Express allows you to use our Sky WAF service to centralize the defence and monitoring of your web applications, as well as:
You centrally control all web traffic and access to web servers and applications, covering and defining each layer of communication, while also reducing operating costs.
Sky Express installs, configures and manages the WAF service, i.e. the entire configuration and installation of the WAF system, ensuring its smooth operation – without operational interruptions in the operation of web applications.
Compliance with regulatory requirements, while at the same time the degree and scope of protection are defined at the level of individual web applications.
Recording of all events and actions on protected web applications, with details on allowed and blocked web traffic, thus maintaining supervision and control of business web applications.
Business web applications and services process only valid traffic, i.e., only authorized users and data, which improves the performance and availability of web applications.

What are the functionalities of our Sky WAF service?

• Defence against known attack vectors from the OWASP list; • Web request filtering; • Application access control; • Dynamic white and black lists; • Policy learning; • Rate limit and DoS protection; • HTTP(S) reverse-proxy; • High Availability and Load Balancing; • Threat Intelligence; • API protection; • Authentication Enforcement; • MS application protection.

What does Sky WAF include?

Service delivery platform
WAF service is established by applying a reliable security hardware platform, in HA mode. The location of the platform itself is flexible – it can be at your location, in the data centre, or implemented as a virtual Cloud platform. HA mode allows uninterrupted availability of web applications in the event of a hardware component failure.
24×7 supervision and support
Our experienced and certified engineers proactively monitor your WAF system, ensuring you implement and configure a WAF service that is consistent with your security policies and processes.
User portal
The technical support portal is available to you 24×7, so that you can use it to report to us the need to change the configuration or service parameters, the need for our support, as well as to monitor the status of active requests.
App security & compliance
Protection against Layer 7- & Zero-Day attacks, OWASP Top 10, SQL Injection, DDoS attacks, Cross-Site Scripting,…
Expert protection
Eliminate the need for internal resources to manage complex WAF protection, accelerate the implementation of security policies and reduce operating costs.
Up-to-date protection
Automatic application of WAF upgrades and patches.

Who is SKY WAF for?

• Internet providers;
• Hosting providers;
• Banks;
• Insurance companies;
• Healthcare sector;
• Online bookmakers;
• Internet shops;
• Public sector.
So, to all organizations/companies/enterprises that use applications for everyday business.
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